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What makes you different from other photographers ?

There are a large number of wedding photographers. A bit like cooking, there is something for all tastes and desires. From my point of view a wedding photographer must be a real pro. The stake is important. I have too often heard disappointing experiences of married couples who did not make the right choice and regretted it.

I decided to propose something unique in wedding photography. Wedding photography with a "fashion" touch. It's up to you to adjust the slider! We can go very far, even realize a scenography, install a photo studio or just keep a mood, to make beautiful photos ... It's your day, it's up to you to choose !

Being also a reporter and having exhibited several times as an artist photographer, I will be able to capture the emotions, the laughter, the tears, these intense and fleeting moments. The fashion photographer side is a real plus, but it is not a necessity for all the bride and groom. Even if I photographed many married couples who initially were not too comfortable with their image, (often these gentlemen) and who finally, were surprised to play the game, and to discover themselves in their most beautiful day.

About the couple pictures?

That's my big difference, I think. My "added value product" in short. There, the fashion photographer can express himself - do not be afraid, it's going very well!

Like an edito for a magazine, we will work together upstream on what you want. Are these pictures in the continuity of the wedding report, or do you want something radically different for this exercise? Are you rather "Bohemian"? "Rock"? "Chic" wedding? "Beautiful fields"? "Fashionista"? I adapt myself by proposing ways of posing. We are at the heart of a unique moment, an enchanted parenthesis, where you are accompanied, to create these images that will remain forever.

About the group pictures?

You have gathered all these dear ones, and there, often, unfortunately, in 5 mn click-clac, it is shipped! Like a school picture, the big ones behind and the little ones in front! I find this a shame, and to make up for it, I would like to offer you and your guests more authentic photos on which will show the personality of your guests, and the complicity that binds you to them. You want Annie Leibovitz? Richard Avedon? Cecil Beaton? No worries I will be able to offer you and your guests these magical photos that we look with a pinch to the heart.

How much time do you spend with us? 

In the majority of my formulas, I stay until the opening of the ball, around midnight generally. By experience, photos exceeding a certain time are not essential. But if you plan to extend the party until six o'clock in the morning, and you want me by your side all night, I'll be there.

In the end, how many photos will we have?

You will have on average 700 selected photos. I realize 3 to 4 times more, but I select the best shots and eliminate duplicates.

Will our images be retouched?

As a professional photographer I take great care in getting the right photo directly during the shooting. When editing images, I will select the right pictures, calibrate the different images according to the different times and places of the day, convert some photos to black and white to create rhythm, apply a particular color to your images , a grain, to have the rendering that will best match your wedding.

When and how will we get our photos?

The photos will be sent to you 21 working days after your wedding, via a specific site that will be created for you. An online gallery. You can download all your photos in high definition and without logo, create as many virtual galleries as you want, share them with whoever you want, order prints ... If you opted for an album, you will be given 2 months after selecting photos by yourself. 

I see you are in Paris but we are getting married in Las Vegas how do we do it?

No problem ! I always have my backpack ready in case. It will just be necessary that you add to the price of my service the transport costs (train, plane, hotel ...)

How far in advance should I contact you?

For weddings, plan several months in advance (usually 6 months) if you want to be sure that there is still availability.

How should we do for you "book"? should we meet?

It is very simple. First contact me via the contact form. Tell me a maximum of details about your wedding: date, places, number of guests, wedding theme ... I will then send you my brochure with all the explanations, my way of working and my different formulas. If it suits you we will schedule an appointment where you want because human contact is essential! Making beautiful photos is one thing, but remember that your photographer will spend the most important day of your life with you! The one you have been planning for so long! It is therefore important that the current flows.

Then, if we get along, I will send you a contract with the formula you have chosen, and that you will send me signed, with a deposit of 35%. The balance of 65% will be to give me the day of the wedding.

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